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Ebooks for resale is another excellent option for Internet Marketers because you buy the ebook with resale rights one time, and then you can resell it as many times as you want to an unlimited number of people. Not only that, but you get to determine your own price and keep 100% of the profits for yourself. When you purchase ebooks for resale they normally come with royalty-free resell rights or master resell rights.

Master Resale Rights (or MRR) ebooks for resale means that, not only can you sell the ebook, but you can also sell the “resell rights” license to your customers who purchase the ebook. This really increases the value of your ebook because your customers can purchase it for the information, in addition to reselling the ebook so they can make money at the same time.

Free Ebooks For Resale

One of the best strategies for making the most out of ebooks for resale is to give them away for free through a squeeze page (or a lead capture page). This can be a great way to build your opt-in list of subscribers. However, it’s very important that you check the resale rights license agreement to make sure you are allowed to give away the ebook for free. Most of these resale rights ebooks don’t allow you to give them away at no cost. Some will require that you adhere to a minimum sale price when reselling the ebooks. But, there are some ebooks for resale that you can give away for FREE (under certain terms). You can do a Google search to find these.

Once you find the perfect ebook for resale that you can give away for free, you’ll want to promote it on your squeeze page with a bold headline that includes something like this: “FREE Ebook For Resale Reveals ______ … Get INSTANT ACCESS By Filling Out The Form Below RIGHT NOW! (Resale Rights Included!)” . This can be extremely compelling.

Your squeeze page visitors can gain “instant access” to the download link by submitting the webform with their follow-up, contact information. As soon as they opt-in, they are immediately taken to a thank you page with a link to download the free ebook for resale or read a short thank you message telling them to check their email for the download link. I personally prefer the latter because it will drive your prospects to enter an accurate email. You don’t want your visitors to opt-in with a phony email address and gain access to your ebook. Delivering the product by email forces your visitors to enter a real email address to receive the free ebook for resale.

Free Video Ebooks For Resale Are The Best!

If you want to dramatically multiply your success, I would recommend offering free video ebooks for resale. Video ebooks have a much higher perceived value and most people would much rather watch a video than read an ebook. However, the truth is, it’s not easy finding video ebooks for resale that you can give away for free. You’ll have to do some searching to find free video ebooks for resale that have high production values and contain useful information. But, offering a free video ebook or videos with resale rights that you can give away to people for subscribing to your newsletter or email list would be highly beneficial to you. It would be well worth the effort it takes to find the right one or maybe even create your own.

Creating a video ebook is difficult. If you’re looking for a high quality video ebook for resale, we’ve provided a special coupon code below which you can use to get a FREE download with Master Resale Rights (MRR). This best part is… this video series is great for any niche because it shows how to easily create a Facebook Fan Page with Custom Tab Landing Pages.

Every business owner, entrepreneur, or anyone else promoting a brand, product, service, promotional offer or even promoting themselves should certainly have a Facebook presence with their own professional looking Fan Page. This video ebook shows them, step-by-step, exactly how to make a professional Facebook Fan Page with custom landing page tabs. And, it includes Master Resale Rights which you can give away for FREE along with the videos.

The only restriction in the licensing agreement for giving away this video ebook for free is that you must require people to opt-in first before they can download it. But, this can be your own opt-in list where nobody else receives the lead, but you. We just don’t want everyone to download the video series without having to do something to get it, whether that is paying a small one-time fee of $27 or simply subscribing to an email list.

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Customize Facebook Fan Page

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